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Cheap robes in bulk manufacturer brief introduction

Cnpajama is the biggest cheap robes in bulk production manufacturer and suppliers for the world market, we produced various robes with very good quality but factory exit prices is cheap, there are a lot of buyers sell it with very good prices in their markets.

The reason why we have cheap prices is that we have very big quantities production for cheap robes in bulk, we order big quantity fabrics from fabric mills so our fabric cost is much lower, we have professional production team for big quantity our average production cost for each piece are very lower.

The cheap robes in bulk main included the cheap fleece robes in bulk, cheap plush robe, cheap satin robes in bulk, cheap silk robes in bulk, cheap bridesmaid robes in bulk, cheap harry potter robes in bulk, cheap waffle robes in bulk, cheap womens robes in bulk and so on. Ask for a quick quotation for cheap robes in bulk! +

Cheap satin robes in bulk

The cheap satin robes in bulk is one of our main robe products series, the satin have its own characteristics and advantages as the pajama, sleepwear, lounge wear fabric,

The satin robes are popular, luster drape feeling is good, feel soft have imitate silk effect. See the cheap satin robes we produced! +

cheap satin robes in bulk

Cheap satin robes in bulk more characteristics

1.The fabric using triangular section with smooth yarn, with a better satin luster luxuriant effect.

  1. Style deigns bright, rich, beautiful and generous color.
  2. Smooth and comfortable.
  3. Silk feel and elegant quality.
  4. Special yarn count, extremely soft, good tear resistance.
  5. No shrinkage after washing, easy to use and care.
  6. Adopt environmental protection dyeing and anti-static processing.

Satin robes is cheap because the satin fabric cost is low, and satin robes is easy to produce and ship, the same cost you can ship more satin robes in bulk and the fleece robes in bulk.

Cheap satin robes in bulk more characteristics
Ask for a quick quotation for Cheap satin robes in bulk! +

Cheap silk robes in bulk

Cheap silk robes in bulkSilk produces are supposed to be a high-priced products, but we also have the cheap silk robes in bulk, that I want to say we have cheaper prices for same silk products, because we are in China very famous silk city of Huzhou, there will full chain of silk industry, we experienced to work out the best cost of each steps and get the best quality during the whole process for silk robes, pajamas and other products. Click here to see the cheap silk robes in bulk in the silk pajama series.! +

Cheap bridesmaid robes in bulk

Cheap bridesmaid robes in bulkThe cheap bridesmaid robes in bulk belong to the cheap satin robes in bulk and cheap silk robes in bulk, because the bridesmaid robes can use the chemical fiber satin fabrics to make, and also can use the real mulberry silk fabric to make, but the bridesmaid robes often have the embroidery, print, transfer print some special words, logo and patterns etc. Ask for a quick quotation for Cheap bridesmaid robes! +

Cheap waffle robes in bulk

Cheap waffle robes in bulk materials become more and more recently, they are 100% cotton woven waffle fabrics, 100% cotton knit waffle robes, CVC waffle robs, poly waffle robes, modal cotton waffle robes. The chemical fiber waffle robes is much cheaper than cotton waffle robes, but all of them have different characters, the cotton waffle robes quality goods suitable for bathrobes, the poly waffle robes best for pajama, loungewear, home wear, the poly waffle can achieve many different kinds of beautiful colors and waffle robes in bulk

You can view the cheap waffle robes in bulk in the cotton pajama series and bathrobes series.

Cheap fleece robes, plush robes in bulk

The cheap fleece robes in bulk main used for Autumn and Winter, and sell in the holidays, the fleece robes have the unique advantages very soft, very breathable, very light, very warm, directly wear no cool in winter and so on. The prices is also very lower, example the print coral fleece robes 220gsm we produced 8-10 million pieces per year, the price only 3-6dollars from our factory. There are a lot of stores, supermarket and brands buy from us.

Cheap fleece robes, plush robes in bulk View the fleece plush robes series products! +



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