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Analysis of the status quo of the pajama market



Fabric as one of the three elements of clothing, not only can interpret the style and characteristics of clothing, and directly about the color of clothing, modeling performance effect…With the improvement of people’s material living standard, pajamas began to enter people’s life. The design of pajamas is a design of life, just like a furniture designer, when he designs a chair, he not only designs a chair, but designs a way to sit.


Key words: pajamas; The fabric; The development of pajama.



One, the introduction


Currently, there are many styles and fabrics of pajamas on the market. The fabrics are also varied. For example, pajamas made of brocade and printed spring textiles are soft, breathable, easy to absorb sweat and elegant in color, so they are favored by all. Especially luxury type pure silk robe, men wear to show extraordinary temperament, women wear to appear elegant.


Two, the general situation of pajamas


  • brief description of pajamas


Pajamas are in everyone’s life. When it comes to pajamas, we have to mention the origin of pajamas. Pyjamas have long been a symbol of western life. The original word for pyjamas comes from Hindi, a combination of the Persian words 03 and 3111311.?3 means “leg” in Persian, while 41114 means “clothes”. Very distinct combination is the leg clothes a trousers. Originally the baggy trousers worn by the Middle East and Indians when they went out, they were given a new role by the European colonists. Later, the pajama trousers spread to cold Europe and gradually evolved into “pajamas”.

(2) the evolution of pajamas

Since the 6th century, when Europeans put on their nightgowns, pajamas have been changing their image with The Times. Arrive last century, people pursues wide pine slowly and active life atmosphere, the bell outfit of the bedroom also is producing new change…The 1990s of the 20th century was a new leap forward in modern development and a supplement to family life. Advances in technology and corporate staffing have allowed women to build their own businesses, so the pajama market has also grown well. People don’t focus on fashion, but they also focus on the wearer at home. A woman may have a stack of clothes in her closet, but she also wants to have the latest styles and colors.


(3) The importance of pajamas

-It’s good for sleep

The texture of pajamas is softer, looser, and more comfortable to wear, very conducive to sleep and eye. Conducive to sleep.


-Prevention of many diseases

The person is in morpheus process, pore is in open state, suffer wind chill easily.A cold, for example, is associated with catching a cold while sleeping.The wind chill in the middle and old age is also related to shoulder cold when sleeping.And after dressing will be very effective against sleep typhoid.


-Speak hygiene

A busy day always brings home germs or germs.Wearing clothes to sleep is not likely to cause cross infection problem.



Three. Current market conditions and market


  1. analysis of current market conditions

The main line of contemporary pajamas design is health, comfort and simplicity, which are the functional expression of pajamas. As the products of pajamas become more and more soft nowadays, the trend of future development is to use thinner and softer fabrics and softer and newer feel, so richer and more detailed pajamas will appear. At the same time because fashionable sex is more and more the esteem that gets people, henceforth pajamas also can resemble fashionable dress, present a more fashionable, more beautiful appearance.


Four. Analysis of current market prospects

After the financial crisis, Europe and the United States and the United States are facing a sharp economic slowdown China’s economy, on the other hand, has been relatively stable in the opposite direction and has shown signs of recovery in a short period of time. “According to the survey, per capita consumption of pajamas in European and American countries is only one or two pieces per year, while in China, where the economic level is constantly improving, the per capita purchase amount is only one or two pieces per year.” Such a gap is not due to the lack of purchasing capacity in the Chinese market, but due to the scarcity of brands in the same market for pajamas, pajamas and other functional apparel.People’s increasing material demand and relatively lagging market supply form a very potential market blank, which will be an unprecedented vast market, but also a very good business opportunity.


Five. Analysis of the development prospect of pajamas

With the improvement of people’s material living standard, pajamas began to expand people’s life. Pajamas include clothes worn for activities such as resting at home, receiving visitors, exercising, doing housework, bathing and sleeping. Pajamas are the product of modern society and an important symbol of modern life. Its appearance is closely related to social economic conditions and people’s living standards.

At present, people’s living standard is improving, the pace of life is speeding up, and people’s requirements for health and life enjoyment, the consumer market of pajamas will become larger and larger, people’s requirements for sleepwear will become higher and higher, and the functionality of pajamas will become stronger and stronger, which will bring new development and new breakthroughs in the industry of pajamas.


Six. Conclusion

This paper mainly studies the current development and evolution of pajama fabric, as well as the prediction of the possible development direction of pajama fabric in the future. At the present stage, pajama fabric is relatively single, mainly made of pure cotton fabric, which leads to the majority of people’s recognition that pure face fabric is the best fabric and the dominant fabric of pajama

Pajamas in our country is still in the early stage of development, many aspects are not perfect, including the fabric.In terms of fabric, I can say that the pajama fabric I smell is poor, and people’s consumption consciousness mostly stays in the pure fabric stage.And in a lot of developed network home, the development of sleeping clothes fabric has entered a new stage of development, is toward the functional, fashionable, green and healthy development direction all the way to lead the way.


[author: jiangxi institute of fashion technology]




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