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Fabric knowledge

How many types of pajama fabrics are there? Let’s talk about them below:
First of all, first understand the winter pajamas are basically pure cotton, summer pajamas fabrics are generally pure cotton, lace, gauze, silk.

What fabric is good in winter pajamas?
Cotton pajamas for winter.
Advantages: cotton pajamas have good moisture absorption, soft and close to the muscle, can bring you a perfect comfortable experience.And pure cotton pajamas are woven from cotton as raw materials, natural, pollution-free, do not stimulate the skin, wearing more safe;
Disadvantages: pure cotton pajamas easy to wrinkle and not easy to smooth, but also easy to shrink, easy to deformation, if the quality of the poor pure cotton pajamas, wash a few times will become more ugly.
Coral fleece pajamas in winter.
Coral fleets, as the name suggests, colorful, good covering coral-like textile fabric.It is a new type of fabric.Fine texture, soft feel, no hair, can not ball.Don’t rub off.It absorbs water well, three times as much as all cotton products.No irritation to the skin, no allergy.Beautiful appearance, rich color.The fabric is characterized by fine texture, soft feel, no ball, no fading, but due to the weaving principle will lose hair slightly.It absorbs water well, three times as much as all cotton products.No irritation to the skin, no allergy.Beautiful appearance, rich color.
Winter fleece pajamas.
Is a kind of knitting fabric, it is a small piece knitting structure, in the great circle machine woven, woven fabric after dyeing first, after again hair, comb hair, shearing, anti-pilling and a variety of complex finishing processing process, positive napped fabrics, anti-pilling fluffy dense and difficult to shed, pilling, opposite thin thin hair, well-balanced, hairs short,Organizational texture clear, fluffy elasticity is very good.Its ingredients are generally polyester, soft to the hand.It is the first choice to keep out the cold in recent two winters in China.In addition, the fleece can be compounded, and the fleece can also be compounded with all fabrics, so that the cold effect is better.
What fabric is summer pajamas good?
Lace pajamas for summer.
Advantages: lace pajamas have been relying on its unique romantic, sexy favored by a lot of women.Lace fabric is light and breathable, so it will be cool to wear in summer.And wear on the body is very lightsome, without the slightest sense of heavy.Compared with pure cotton, lace pajamas don’t wrinkle or shrink easily, making them free and easy to wear.
Disadvantages: because lace belongs to chemical fiber fabric, there is a certain irritation to the body, but with the enhancement of scientific and technological research and development ability, this irritation will be reduced to the lowest point.
Mesh pajamas for summer.
Advantages: mesh pajamas fabric composition is generally nylon and spandex.The biggest advantage of nylon is high strength, good wear resistance;And spandex has excellent elasticity, set the advantages of both in one of the net pajamas, good quality, durable;Good elasticity allows you to stretch freely.In addition, mesh pajamas are also relatively good air permeability, the faint gloss on the surface gives a sense of high-grade fashion.
Summer silk pajamas.
Advantages: pure silk, in people’s impression, noble and elegant, and expensive price let a lot of people shrink back.The burnish like pearl that real silk pajamas peculiar, show its luxuriant and high-grade to the top of one’s hat.Silk pajamas feel smooth, soft, have good moisture absorption, air permeability, but also have a good skin care function.
Disadvantage: real silk pajamas more delicate, in the process of washing to pay special attention to.
As a matter of fact, pajamas are made of a variety of materials, such as cotton, pure silk, coral fleeces, quilted cotton, modal, etc.Choosing pajamas is not about choosing the best material, it is different seasons should choose different fabrics.
1. Knitted cotton pajamas are suitable for spring and autumn. The fabric can be worsted cotton fabric with fine, soft texture, good hand feel and strong air permeability, or natural fiber fabric.
2. In winter, it is advisable to choose loose nightgowns with strong thermal insulation.Fabric can choose very popular coral fleece fabric in recent years.Coral velvet is a new type of fabric, fine texture, soft feel, can not ball, do not fade.Water absorption performance is excellent, is the whole cotton product 3 times.No irritation to the skin, no allergy.Beautiful appearance, rich color.

Fabrics term.
1. What is gram weight?
Gram weight is used to indicate the thickness of the fabric, the larger the gram weight, the thicker the fabric.Pajamas weight is generally between 220 grams to 600 grams, too thin will be very transparent, too thick will be sultry, generally choose between 220 and 600 grams of weight is better.(Short-sleeved summer pajamas are generally 180-220 grams because they are more suitable to wear because of their thickness. Long-sleeved new autumn and winter pajamas are generally made of 600g fabric, which belongs to the thickened type.)
2. What is counting?
Definition: The number of yards of length of cotton yarn weighing one pound.
Coarse yarn: generally with 17 and the following pure cotton yarn, mostly used for weaving thick fabric or lint loop cotton fabric.
Medium Yarn: Usually 19-28 pure cotton yarns.Most are used for general requirements of knitted clothing, such as some new fall and winter pajamas.Fine yarn: 29-60 counts of pure cotton yarn.Mostly used in high-grade knitted cotton fabrics.Counts are taller more soft, a few summer autumn thin pajamas are 22 and 33 commonly.
3. What is Combing?
Pajamas cotton yarn can be divided into general comb, combed yarn.
Common carded yarn: Yarn usually spun by the common carded spinning process. Also called uncombed yarn.
Combed Yarn: Yarn produced by adding combing process to the combing process when spinning, usually made of fine quality cotton fiber.The surface of the fabric is clean and soft to the touch.
4. What are the techniques of pajamas printing?
Pajamas printing is basically divided into screen printing, transfer printing two processes.
Screen printing: technology is more complex, mainly design, film, printing, drying several steps.The advantages of screen printing are high color fastness, durability and washable.Screen printing plate making costs are higher, so the need for mass production to reduce costs, generally can not meet the single or small batch printing.
Transfer printing: also known as hot stamping.Advantages are bright color, technology is relatively simple and easy to use.The disadvantage is the pattern of poor durability, wear resistance, wash resistance.
5. How are pajamas singed?
The characteristics of singeing treatment: it is to remove the fine hair formed on the surface of the yarn due to the unwound fiber and protrudent fiber, so that the fabric of pajamas is more smooth and beautiful, and the color of the pajamas fabric is even, and it can print a clear and fine pattern.
6. What are the advantages of pure cotton fabrics for autumn and winter pajamas?Why Spandex?
Pure cotton fabric is characterized by a good feel, wearing are very comfortable and environmentally friendly, but easy to wrinkle.Adding a small amount of spandex can significantly change the physical properties of the fabric, greatly increasing the elasticity of the fabric, while maintaining the texture and comfort of pure cotton.In addition, the new autumn and winter pajamas with spandex can prevent the collar loose deformation, maintain the lasting elasticity of the collar.



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