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Loungewear: A kind of clothing worn to rest at home or to entertain guests at home. Features: comfortable fabric, various styles, easy to move. With the continuous improvement of living standards, people are gradually focusing their attention on how to enjoy life better. Home clothing reflects a fastidious attitude towards life.

Home clothing is evolved from pajamas, but it is more blue than blue. The home that serves now had gotten rid of the concept of pure pajama already, the scope that covers is broader. Since Europeans began wearing them in the 16th century, pyjamas have changed their image as The Times have changed. Arrived last century, social atmosphere becomes loose and active, bedroom dress also develops toward new design, produce fundamental change.

Other names: Loungewear, dressing gown, home wear, leisure wear, home clothes etc.

Brief introduction: Clothing worn to rest or receive visitors at home

Influence: Home clothing with comfortable loose simple loose style influence this consumer buying preference

Function: Health care to create a healthy home environment

Source: Originate from pajamas, but more formal than pajamas

Special point: the fabric is comfortable, the style is various, the movement is convenient

The origin of loungewear

The 1990s was a more modern period of values and functions, This new passion is a complement to the increasingly global family life. Advances in technology and a shrinking workforce have allowed women to build their own businesses, working from home in addition to raising children. As the market has expanded to include what people wear to their homes, rather than necessarily what they wear to bed, Sleepwear has morphed into Home wear.In addition to fashion, people care a lot about what they wear at home, and house pies have long gone beyond the basic need to just wear them. Women may have a mountain of fashion in their wardrobe, but they also want the latest fashions and colors for home wear. Not only do you want to be comfortable in your home, but you also want to look sexy and beautiful.

Generally speaking, the concept of loungewear is imported from the West in China. In the age that does not open in, people has special pajama, the concept that serves in the home almost, wear in the home washed old and outdated clothes, undershirt is the most normal. With the deepening of the reform and opening up, in the early 1980s, the domestic professional pajamas enterprises appeared, bringing professional women’s underwear and pajamas product concept, then the market listed on the market created a special underwear area, pajamas area, a variety of independent pajamas clothing was accepted by the majority of people. In just 20 years, China’s economy has undergone great changes, people’s consumption ability has been greatly improved, and their living conditions and dress awareness have also undergone a leap development. Loungewear has gone deep into the families of urban and rural residents, forming a huge industry, more and more professional market segmentation, more and more international style.

In the early 90 s, due to the introduction of Korean dramas, “Korean” culture in China began to bud and this is also the first prototype of the ha Han Wenhua, the plot and the humanities of the mainstream impression catered to the aesthetic temperament and interest of the audience aesthetic in China, at the same time, the detail shows the plot of the south Korean culture, let us see the traditional Chinese culture, such as filial piety, respect for the elderly and very kind, but etiquette, etc., to find a sense of belonging in the resonance, which conquered the big crowds, also produced many “Korean fans”. Under such cultural background, a variety of “Korean” culture products have been born, and clothing is the first to bear the brunt. Among them, warm and delicate loungewear culture is pursued by “Korean fans”, and the era of “Korean” clothing details has begun. With the popularity of some Korean dramas, the Korean home clothing culture in the series has become increasingly mature, and has begun to evolve into the fashion trend flaunts by “Korean fans”, becoming the intrinsic symbol of taste and style. The catalytic effect of Korean dramas has thus been extended and triggered the domino effect in business.

Concept of loungewear

On March 16, 2007, the professional Committee of loungewear of China Textile Business Association was formally established in Nanjing, and preliminarily proposed the definition of loungewear: all clothing products that are related to home and can reflect home culture.

The home dress that comes from pajama evolution, expanded the range that wear, can say is green go out from blue and outshine blue. Loungewear is produced because of the demand of home culture, include the pyjamas that traditional dress is worn at the bedroom and yue robe, sexy condole takes skirt, include the household outfit that can go out hall hall decent receives a visitor, can go into the work outfit of the kitchen, can go out the recreational outfit that takes a walk to the village to wait.

Prospects for development

“The industry with the most development potential” as a Western “imported”, loungewear was introduced into China in the 1980s.

After 1990s, with the improvement of people’s consumption ability, the huge market energy of loungewear gradually appeared in front of the world.

More and more clothing manufacturers, including the original bra, warm underwear enterprises, have happened to coincide with the eyes on home clothing. In a short span of more than ten years, the number of professional and part-time loungewear manufacturers in China has exceeded a thousand, and a preliminary “enterprise cluster” has been formed.

According to insiders, the annual consumption of Chinese loungewear has exceeded 10 billion yuan, with an annual growth rate of over 30%, making it the fastest growing variety in the garment industry.

Loungewear to the direction of brand development

As an emerging market segment of the clothing industry, loungewear and home wear has been facing a battle for market share with sportswear, casual wear and other clothing varieties since its birth, “surviving in the crack”. “The current loungewear industry is not in the stage of ‘dividing the cake’, but in the stage of ‘making the cake bigger and better’. The real competition of loungewear comes from outside the industry. The biggest competitor is not the brand, but the recognition of consumers. “The personage inside certain course of study says.

The year 2007 is a milestone year in the development history of Loungewear in China. On March 15, the ancient city of Nanjing, the 89th Chinese knit fabric fair (hereinafter referred to as “the needle will”), China’s household to take the development of the industry “steersman” – household to take professional committee of China textile commerce association was proclaimed, marked the household enterprises doing business for more than 10 years has been locked for the first time hand in hand, to the society with the flag of “household”.

On February 23, 2008, in the 90th “Needle meeting” held in Shanghai, 14 home apparel and accessories enterprises from the Professional Committee of China Textile Association participated in the exhibition for the first time. The concept of “home apparel and accessories” was first marketed to the society in the no.1 exhibition area of more than 1,500 square meters. “Loungewear” industry and enterprise groups, more and more consumers began to pay attention to.

“With the establishment of the industry association, the development of the new industry of loungewear has been strongly guided. Originally independent and governed separately, loungewear enterprises have ended the state of individual soldiers swimming and started to embark on the track of unified, healthy and benign development, which has also won more space for the brand building of enterprises. “The general manager of an enterprise said to the reporter. And in the loungewear industry, a brand war has quietly opened the curtain.

Entrepreneurs have expressed to reporters, only to the direction of brand development, loungewear will have a strong vitality and greater development space. The general manager of an enterprise has a representative view, “Loungewear as a new industry, in the development also exposed a lot of problems. If there is no market prospect, but the consumption concept is not strong, channels are not smooth, high-end channels blocked, similar styles, lack of talent, etc., the only way to solve all these problems is to strengthen the brand strategy.

Sell loungewear products main works are selling consumption concept

Different from traditional pajamas and underwear, loungewear is more of a conceptual product, a carrier of lifestyle, a symbol of warmth, fashion, ease, comfort and culture, carrying people’s pursuit of high-quality home life. Not only include traditional, dress at the nightgown of the bedroom and bathrobe, sexy condole belt skirt, still have “go out hall hall” the household outfit that receives a visitor honorably, also include “go into the kitchen” working outfit, and the recreational outfit that can go out a door to take a walk to the district.

It is found that quite a few people have a vague understanding of the concept of loungewear. When asked “what is home wear”, the vast majority of respondents gave pajamas as the answer, while a minority gave casual clothes. An industry insider said, “From a certain point of view, the factors restricting the development of the industry also determine the way to guide the development of the industry. It is only logical that people should make a new change in their consumption concept. So, we’re not just selling products, we’re selling ideas. Only when the brand new home life culture and home life concept represented by loungewear is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, can loungewear be truly recognized and accepted by consumers.

In August 2007, the loungewear industry began to play the slogan of “loungewear for a thousand years, the first-class family home culture”, and the excavation of the connotation of home culture has also become the focus of each enterprise in brand publicity.

“Of the Chinese nation has a profound cultural background, each person has a very strong homesick complex, but the current consumer awareness is not enough for leisure wear, leisure wear consumption also need a large number of guide work, to create and develop a new market,” a company general manager pointed out that the household to take to achieve rapid development, will decorate in the counters, store sells the home culture, arouse the purchase of consumer demand.”

In 2012, there was a “Shanghai style culture” trend in the home clothing industry. The home clothing brands represented by the house style clothing proposed to build the home leisure clothing brands, which represent the Shanghai style lifestyle in the new commercial civilization era, in order to meet the healthy family leisure needs of the family and life loving and high-end consumer groups. This mainstream well integrated Shanghai culture, is in line with the mainstream social health, environmental protection trend of the new category of home! Benefit from the consumption upgrade, practice high-end category of Shanghai lifestyle! Category innovator based on the accumulation of good mental resources of traditional home clothing! A better interpretation of the “millennium loungewear, the first-class family home culture ” concept.

Loungewear festival

On March 22, 2008, the Council of loungewear Professional Committee of China Textile Commerce Association adopted September 15 as the “Loungewear Festival”, calling on consumers to care about their families and themselves. On that day, the loungewear Committee on behalf of enterprises will call on their colleagues to wear loungewear to work, to create a relaxed and harmonious working environment, and to guide the new experience of fashion life.

Home wear features

Healthy, comfortable, simple, warm, are the main line of contemporary loungewear design, because of today’s underwear products.

The trend in the 21st century is to use thinner and softer fabrics and multi-layer treatments with softer and newer feel, so richer and more detailed home wear will emerge. At the same time, as the charm of fashion is more and more respected, the influence of fashion has been everywhere, the future home clothing will be like fashion, presenting a more fashionable, more beautiful appearance.

The loungewear itself attribute, its is between the glamour of formal attire and underwear, suit the leisure lifestyle of future person very much. China’s huge population base, coupled with the development of rural urbanization, no one can underestimate the huge potential of this latecomer.

China’s loungewear market annual consumption of nearly 10 billion yuan, compared with the international community is still a big gap. China’s home apparel industry, which has been developed with Guangdong and Zhejiang in coastal open areas as the center, has grasped the market opportunity, but due to the lagging consumption concept of home apparel in society, short development time of home apparel enterprises and relatively weak brand capital, the home apparel market still needs to be standardized and further explored.

For household apparel market rapidly, for the scientific analysis of household to take market present situation, the correct lead household to take an orderly and healthy and rapid development of the emerging industry, and China textile commerce association China textiles association professional committee of the household to take, by collective household enterprises to participate in the 2008 years will, in the international metropolis of Shanghai to hold the 2nd China leisurewear development BBS, explore China’s household market future trend, home dress brand management culture, pushing home dress brand, household distributors and stronger do big China leisurewear market together.

According to the person in charge of the loungewear professional committee, this year’s loungewear development forum in addition to gathering the domestic famous and excellent home clothing brand leaders in one, discuss the home clothing business culture, but also invited a number of industry experts and scholars. They will revolve around what bring home dress industry market development opportunities, household enterprise competition in the market to strengthen the brand image construction, home dress vogue is changed from the innovation design culture, leisurewear industry needs to promote home fashion culture communication, how to improve clothing fashion marketing concept of “home”, cultural innovation is the key to the development of leisure wear brand marketing, household product profit pattern, household to take leading market call management idea such as excellent brand for in-depth discussion, China leisurewear industry development plan together.

Clothing function of home dress


City people work tense and heavy, wearing clothes in the work and social process, with countless dust and bacteria, some people because of indoor and clothing pollution caused allergic skin itching, serious will cause allergic dermatitis and some skin diseases.If come home immediately change a clean, neat, fashionable household dress, not only sanitation and still can solve the fatigue of a day, let a person enjoy the joy that belongs to oneself household to the top of one’s bent, how comfortable!

Care for your body

The skin of the human body is the largest respiratory organ, it has the function of temperature regulation, absorption, detoxification, immunity, gas exchange and so on.But the urbane that is busy outside, suffer the attack of air pollution for a long time, reach the bondage of working outfit, the skin cannot get good adjustment, a few recessive or dominant pathogene take advantage of to enter…And give the skin unrestrained sense of freedom and comfort, choose high-quality, comfortable home clothing for the treatment and relief of some tension diseases and physiological pain has a wonderful effect.

Medical authority personage points out, choose appropriate home to take to be able to eliminate the nervous state of abdominal viscera nervous system, simulative blood circulates, accelerate metabolism, advantageous the regulation of nervous system, increase adaptation and immunity ability, reduce the chronic constipation that causes because of nervous, chronic diarrhea, cutaneous inflammation. And the pajama that chooses color fabrics superior still can relieve mental pressure, alleviate insomnia, much dream, have a headache phenomenon. And can improve cold hands and feet, difficult to sleep and other conditions. With the global outbreak of SARS and H5HI in 2003, the prevention measures of diseases in daily life need more loungewear, which not only reflects the importance of their health, but also represents the care for their families.

Create a comfortable home environment

After a busy day outside, come back home, the first thing you should do is to change into a set of relaxed and comfortable clothes. But the average person comes home, casually find a dress to put on the body is OK, do not care about the style of clothes, color, let alone beautiful health. Actually, change a beautiful, comfortable, easy home to serve not only can let you inside house outside beautiful, also can reflect the beauty of the harmony of the person and dress most, make your mood relaxed. Many happy and happy families know how to create a home culture and love atmosphere, similarly, as the “home” in the life of the people, in the dress should also be able to cooperate or add this culture and atmosphere.[1]

Daily meeting, going out

In the morning, women can go to the kitchen to cook their breakfast or to the convenience store near their home without changing their clothes.In terms of luxurious home wear, the design of household clothes is beautiful and practical. It is not impolite to wear these clothes to read newspapers, watch videos, do peaceful and relaxing yoga and receive visitors or friends at home.

Consumption surveys

Consumer survey – “Loungewear” concept is still vague.

For the concept of “home wear”, 19% of consumers think home wear is the same as pajamas;11.5% of consumers have no idea what home clothing is;69.2% of the consumers gave part of the answers, and among the answers, the vast majority of consumers got them by the name of the word “loungewear”.

19.2% of the consumers could name more than one brand name of loungewear, and among these 19.2%, nearly 60% of the consumers could name a brand name that is not a professional brand of loungewear, but an affiliated brand of loungewear.

The survey shows that the concept of loungewear is still rather vague and the brand recognition is very low, which indicates that the brand promotion of loungewear is not enough and the brand features are not distinct, which makes it difficult to leave an impression on consumers. In addition, people’s living standard is not high, the market channel is not standard also causes the consumer concept is not clear, the consumption atmosphere is not strong.

In the investigation on the cognition of loungewear brand, we found that these problems raised by consumers are the common problems in loungewear industry. Variety, style of A single specific as follows: a. b. does not have its own brand personality and image, not attractive enough c. most belong to the print version of the pattern, the pattern design of concise and easy, less suitable for the elderly to wear less d. not very individual existence, leisure wear brand stores are rare e. and pajamas is not large, the difference between A basic for pajamas style f. price is not high g. lack of fashionable element h. fabrics is not comfortable, careful i. home culture is not high j. propaganda is not in place

Sales channel survey - the fastest growing store form

In the investigation on the operation of loungewear channel agents, the average growth rate of total sales in 2007 compared with 2006 is about 28%, and it is expected that the average growth rate of sales in 2008 is more than 30%.

In the survey of sales channels, in 2007, shopping malls accounted for about 20% of the sales channels, exclusive stores accounted for about 27%, and combined stores accounted for nearly 50%.It is obvious that the number of outlets of combination stores still occupies the largest proportion in the channel form of loungewear in 2007.

According to the survey on the change of loungewear sales network, compared with 2006, the average percentage of sales network growth of loungewear stores across the country was 1.8%. Affected by industry popularity and sales proportion, the development of loungewear in the mall channel is still not optimistic. The growth rate of loungewear combined stores was 1%, while the growth rate of specialty stores reached 12%.

Exclusive stores are the channel with the fastest growth rate in 2007, which is closely related to the general climate of the industry, the improvement of consumer awareness of loungewear and the trend of loungewear branding. With the further deepening and innovation of sales channels, the most popular sales channels of loungewear in this year are exclusive stores and combination stores themed by home apparel and lifestyle stores.

Brand enterprises to shopping malls, shops, in addition to the brand image, products, emotional marketing has also become the loungewear sales highlights in 2007.Among the channel expansion plans of loungewear agents across the country in 2008, the planned average growth rate of mall outlets is 4.8%, exclusive stores 12.3% and combined stores 13.7%.

The data show that in 2008, the development of loungewear specialty store network is the main direction of agents’ efforts, while the combination store network will be gradually rectified due to the limitations of development.In the understanding of the current situation of loungewear industry, 85.7% of agents think that the demand for loungewear products is increasing year by year, and 57.1% think that the quality of loungewear products is gradually improving, which indicates that channel agents are full of confidence in the prospect of loungewear development.

In the survey of industry issues, 57.1 percent of agents believe that “market order is not standard”, 43.4 percent believe that “fake and shoddy products hit the market”, and 42.9 percent believe that “the loungewear industry lags in scientific research and innovation”.This shows that loungewear as a new industry, the market order of the industry is the most urgent matter of the moment.

Survey of production enterprises – leisure sports will become a new favorite in the market

Among the professional manufacturers of loungewear in 2007, brand loungewear enterprises accounted for about 10-15%, circulation products about 40-50%, export about 25%, and external processing about 30%.In 2007 the whole loungewear industry presented a rare upsurge in the clothing industry.

According to incomplete statistics, among the production enterprises from circulation to brand operation, the average growth rate of gross production and sales in the current year is as high as more than 30%, and that of brand operation enterprises is as high as double growth.With such an attractive growth rate, I believe that more enterprises will join the brand operation in 2008.

However, behind the high growth rate, there are also high brand operating costs, and corresponding manpower, material resources and other resources need to match.Therefore, the enterprise should be able to act, find accurate positioning, do not be misled by the surface of the phenomenon, on their own way.

Consumers’ consumption of home clothes is still in the primary stage, restricted by their consumption level and life philosophy, and their popular consumption consciousness is still dominated by bedrooms and nightgowns, accounting for more than 70% of sales, more than 25% of home leisure and sports products, and less than 5% of other products.Among the residents with higher consumption level and more advanced lifestyle, fabrics and functions are the premise of their choice.

With the arrival of the Olympic Year, the overwhelming coming is the concept of sports leisure, it is expected that 2009 home leisure sports products will become the new darling of the market, its sales ratio is expected to exceed 30%, in addition to very few loungewear brands, loungewear sales price is still low.The average price of summer products is less than 100 yuan, and the average price of winter products is less than 200 yuan.

Therefore, the whole loungewear industry product added value is low, enterprise profit space is small.With the rising cost of raw materials, rising labor cost, RMB appreciation and other factors leading to the increase of business costs, coupled with immature channels and weak awareness of market consumption, most enterprises in this industry are not large in scale and strength, and the entire industrial foundation is weak.

In order to make the loungewear industry stronger and bigger, enterprises must have two prerequisites if they want to have greater development space: 1.Second, enterprise unity, joint efforts.Only with concerted efforts, under the guidance of the industry organization, promote the industry culture, establish the industry consciousness, and be strict with yourself, can we promote the development together.

And according to expert prediction, the whole loungewear industry will appear polarized situation, more and more production enterprises from circulation to brand, new enterprises directly positioning the brand, will directly lead to the loungewear market brand battle.Not up or down, not forward or back, this is the final embodiment of the law of the market.



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