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This is a professional classification declaration for different types of pajamas with pictures, almost mentioned all types of pajamas, if you have the basic pajama garments and textiles knowledges easy understanding, you can use these guide help start your pajama business, your pajama sourcing, buying, developing and production, pajama wholesale restock plan, and people who want to know more about pajamas.

Main types of pajamas sort by fabric quality and main styles

Flannel pajama-woven cotton

The cotton woven flannel pajama is a classic pajama styles, main fabric quality is brushed cotton flannel fabrics plaid color, print color, yarn dyed colors are widely used for pajama productions. The flannel fabric materials not only cotton, but also can be CVC (cotton/poly), T/C(poly/cotton), organic cotton, long staple cotton etc. The flannel pajama types also have many styles the flannel pajama shirts, flannel pajama sets, flannel pajama pants, flannel pajama robes/nightgowns etc.

Flannel pajama-knit fleece poly

Flannel fleece pajama types are used for Winter or Spring/Autumn, because the flannel fleece fabric is one of the plush fleece fabric with long hair and keep warm for the body, contents is 100% polyester warp knit, light weight, breathable. The flannel fleece fabric can do solid color and print color, that rich in colors and beautiful print patterns. The fleece pajama types products main the fleece robes, fleece pajama sets plush gowns, pajama pants, fleece bathrobes, bath skirts and so on.

Fleece pajama types for Spring/Autumn

Fleece pajama types is also a big series of pajamas, they are cotton fleece pajamas, terry fleece pyjamas, coral fleece pajamas, flannel fleece pijamas, micro polar fleece pajamas, sherpa fleece pjs etc. In style they are cotton terry fleece robes, poly coral fleece pajama robes/sets, coral fleece pajama pants, micro polar fleece pj sets, plush PJ shorts etc.

Fleece pajama types

Satin pajama-light weight chemical fiber pajama series

Satin fabric used for pyjamas has unique characteristics that are difficult to replace by other fabrics, especially there are also different types of satin fabric bright satin, antique, charmeuse, crepe-back, low luster satin etc. The satin pajamas have various styles the satin pajama sets, satin pyjama shirts, satin pyjama robes, satin bridesmaid robes, satin nightdress etc.

Silk pajama-the only protein fiber component pajamas

Silk pajama also named pure silk pyjama, mulberry silk pyjamas. Silk is he only protein fiber component of textile materials, silk has the superior characteristics that other fabrics cannot replace, but the silk materials also have certain limitations on care and maintenance, and the silk pajama prices is much higher than other material pyajamas. The silk pajamas included the silk pajama robes, silk pjs pants, silk pjs shorts, silk skirts, silk nightdress, silk loungewear, silk nighty and so on.

This is another very popular fabric for pajamas as it makes you feel comfortable in a very luxurious and stylish manner. It provides you a good sleep at night through its soothing smooth feel, sleek texture, breathable and lightweight.

Onesie pajama/ Footed pajama

Onesie pajama also named one-piece pajamas, footed pyjamas, bodysuit, coveralls; for baby/kids named romper. Footed pyjamas are common as a children’s wear, but it also comes in adult men’s sizes. This kind of pyjama is a one-piece clothing that covers the whole body up to the feet. It is designed to be worn in colder places. It can have a material of polyester fleece of terry cloth and have a zip or snap button fastening that runs from the foot to the neck. Typically, a vinyl fabric/ adhesive – dripping covers the bottom of the footed sections so that men wearing it will prevent themselves from slipping as they walk. Some of them not footed but just one-piece pajama with leg opening.

Robe pajama

Robes is a wide range of products, the pajama robes also have many types, they are fleece robes, plush robes, cotton robes, rayon pajama robes, bamboo pajama robes, silk pajama robes, satin pajama robes and so on. People wear robes after shower or getting up, robes are easy to wear. Kimono robe and shawl collar robe are two main robe types, the length of robes can be short length, medium length and full length. All kinds of fabrics are suitable for robes, people wear robes in lightweight and thin fabrics like silk to stay cool in warm days, wear thick fabrics like fleece to stay warm in cold days.

Robe pajama

Pajama pants

Pajama pants that’s same as the lounge pants, there are flannel pajama pants, fleece pajama pants, plush pants, cotton pj pants, rayon pyjama pants, sleepwear pants etc. These lounge pj pants mainly wear at home, generally comfortable to enjoy your time. Most of them with elastic band, and have drawstring, with pocket or without pocket. If you are currently in search of the best pyjama pants for you, you can see the pajama pants in our products series. There are many styles that will perfectly suit your taste and can assure you that their brand offers the comfort you’re looking for in a sleepwear or in a pyjama.  Ask for a quick quotation! +
Pajama pants

Pajama sleepwear shirts, nightshirts

Actually, this type is a series of pajama tops included the pajama shirts jacket styles, long sleeve pj shirts, short sleeve pj shirts, a kneed long top nightshirt etc. The fabric also wide range such as the cotton flannels, single jersey, French terry, thermal, double gauze, satin, mulberry silk, rayon, bamboo, viscose, Tencel etc. various materials, and the styles is also various, the comment cotton yarn dyed flannel pj shirts, a print jersey pj shirts, it is a knee long top which can go even below knees to cover most of the legs of the wearer. People usually do not wear under this top to cover their legs. Though men usually do not like to wear it without pants still many of them wear it due to its cool and comfortable feel. The suitable fabrics for nightshirts are similar with two-piece sets. Sometimes the sleepshirts are worn to match either lounge pants or a boxer shorts. Their shirts are commonly just oversized T-shirts. Typically, these shirts are made up of soft, breathable materials. That’s why men using these shirts wear them with total comfort. Contact the supplier! +
Pajama sleepwear shirts nightshirts

Pajama sets, 2 Piece Set pjs

The two-piece set pajama is the most popular and classic nightwear, which includes a set of bottom pants and a top. The bottom pants are normally ankle long or knee long whereas the top can be full sleeved or short sleeved. They are made in different patterns and designs to give them unique look. These two-piece pjs are usually made from cotton, silk and satin polyester fabrics, etc.

This type of pyjama comes with a top and a bottom half. The top is available in different sizes. It can have the typical sleeves or the long sleeves. On the other hand, the bottom half can either be shorts or a long trouser leg. There are pajama sets that have matching patterns or prints, but there are also those that consist of a plain-colored top and a patterned or printed bottom half. There are also known as traditional sets which generally have a checkered pattern.

Pajama sets, 2 Piece Set pjs

Types of pjs sort by materials

Cotton material pajamas

It is considered as the most breathable, lightweight and comfortable fabric for the pajamas. It can make you feel warm in winter and cool in summer, which makes it suitable for all seasons. Normally cotton fabric is divided into knitted cotton and woven cotton, knitted cotton is stretchy, and softer than woven cotton. However, most knitted cotton pajamas are in solid colors, woven cotton fabric can be printed all kinds of patterns, which is widely used in 2-piece pajama sets. Plain woven cotton is the classic woven cotton fabric, which is lightweight and thin, perfect for cool weather. Cotton flannel is also made from woven cotton, which is medium weight that usually has fuzzy finish on its both of its sides to give a cozy and soft to the user. It is normally used for making winter pajama sets and shirts.

Cotton material pajamas

Polyester pajamas

It is a man-made synthetic fabric that is used for making wide range of long lasting and comfortable clothing. Satin polyester is normally used for making pajamas as it is inexpensive alternative of silk. People like it for its silk like feeling. Most fleece sleepwear is made from polyester fabric, the surface of this fabric is lofty, warm and soft. Fleece polyester robes are popular in winters.

Polyester pajamas

Bamboo pajamas

Bamboo pajamas contents similar as cotton and linen, but bamboo fiber is not directly use the ready materials for spinning the yarn, they need get from the bamboo and then spin them as textile yarns, bamboo is also a natural fiber good for textiles and garments, but the prices is not as expensive as silk materials, so it wide used in pajamas and other garments.

Bamboo pajamas

Types of pjs sort by materials also have other different types such as the rayon pajama, bamboo pajama, modal pajama, silk pajama, viscose pajama, linen pajamas etc.


Type of pajama sort by age included Women’s pajama, Men’s pajama, Kid’s pajama, Baby pajama and so on.


Type of pajama Sort by season Spring/Autumn pajama, Summer pajamas, Winter pajamas


The more types of pajamas introduction will update in next time.

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