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Hospital gown back wholesale-best back of hospital gowns suppliers

Hospital gown back wholesale suppliers introduction

As a professional hospital gown back wholesale suppliers, Cnpajama is a leading brand in the medical clothing industry.

Have their own factories and their own product development team.

Long time cooperate with big hospital for the hospital pajamas supply.

Our hospital pajama factory worked for bulk quantity customized and OEM hospital gown back wholesale manufacturer.

hospital gown wholesale

Our enterprise focusing on the hospital pajama design, develop, production and sales of medical clothing included the hospital pajamas, patient pajamas, doctor’s white coat, hospital gown back etc. The company adheres to the concept of integrity, development, win-win, carefully create the image of angel in white, and dedicated to your service.

hospital gown back supplier

The hospital pajama company has advanced production equipment, rapid production and delivery, and produces 5 million pieces of various hospital pajamas, robes, gowns, hospital pajama sets etc. annually. The company has a modern hospital garment production line 6, the import of automatic computer flat sewing machine 160 sets (set) and supporting production equipment.4 printing and dyeing production lines. Automatic computer leveling machine 2 (set), design and cutting a set of CAD. From cutting – flat seam – finishing – warehouse – shipping the whole production process, we provide a quality assurance department equipped with quality inspection personnel and first-class inspection equipment, in the entire production and delivery process of accurate quality control, to ensure the quality of products.
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Back of hospital gowns suppliers advantages

♦ Professional production

♦ Entity manufacturers

♦ Factory direct sales

♦ Support customized

♦ Good quality

♦ Low price

♦ Rapid delivery

♦ Quality assurance

1. Entity back of hospital gowns factory supplier, primary source of goods, save the middleman price difference.

2.Fabric production – printing and dyeing – production one-stop service, can directly purchase medical fabrics can also purchase finished products, can be customized any specification, any pattern.

3.Customized logo, embroidered words, printed words, accept a variety of inspection, to protect your rights and interests.

4.Sincerely work for all customers, speak with the fact, today you give me a trust, tomorrow I will also be very satisfied with you.

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back of hospital gown

5.There are a variety of styles and fabrics for doctor’s white coat, hospital pajama gowns, nurse’s robes and operating gowns wholesale.

6.High quality, mid-range fabric, no pilling, no fading, thickening

7.Using advanced offset printing, embroidery technology, bright colors do not fade.

8.Large quantity of spot stock, quick delivery

9.Physical factory, support to make to order according to sample and according to designs.

hospital gowns for sale

Customized development: design products and make development plans in full accordance with customers’ personalized needs and marketing models, so as to establish a high-end image portal for enterprises.

Short development cycle: during the development period, the company’s development team will double their efforts to shorten the development cycle as much as possible, so as to ensure the back hospital gowns wholesale quality acceptance period. Contact us for a quick professional quotation! +

Hospital gowns back wholesale commitments:

As the hospital gown back wholesale supplier and manufacturer we made the below commitments:


Solemn commitment: speak with the facts, do not cheat, do not boast, with sincere service, exquisite products feedback new and old customers, please rest assured to order!


Service commitment: our company has always regarded product quality assurance as the life of the enterprise and after-sales service as the reputation of the enterprise.

In order to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the partner, the company solemnly promises as follows:

1.The quality of the products shall be in strict accordance with the professional clothing standards approved by the state for filing. If the materials and production techniques are not in conformity with the agreement, they shall be returned unconditionally.

2.Strictly abide by the quality, delivery time and relevant terms of the contract;

3.Our company shall bear all the losses incurred to you due to the quality of the back hospital robe products.
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Hospital pajama,gowns and production videos

What material are hospital gowns made of ?

The hospital gown is made of fabric that can withstand repeated laundering in hot water, usually cotton, cotton/poly, poly/spandex, CVC, T/C contents, and is fastened at the back with twill tape ties, It can be reused after high temperature sterilization. Disposable hospital gowns may be made of nonwoven chemical fabrics or thin plastic with paper or plastic ties.

Why are hospital gowns blue?

Blue color is better for eyes, in the past, we have always known doctors as “white in the coat”. Now, however, doctors in hospital operating rooms are no longer wearing blank lab coats, but are turning green. This is a measure taken to eliminate the effects of visual complementarity of the human eye. When human eye sees a kind of color in a long time, optic nerve is easy to be stimulated and fatigue, in order to alleviate this kind of fatigue, optic nerve can induce a kind of complementary color to do self-regulation. For example, if you look at a table drawn in bright red on white paper for a long time, and then turn to another blank page, you will see that the same table appears on the white paper, except that it is a light green, so the complementary color of red is a light green. In the process of surgery, the doctor’s eyes always see bright red blood, a long time, occasionally transferred to the white coat of his partner, will see spots of blood, so that the visual confusion and affect the effect of surgery. Using light green material to make surgical gowns can eliminate the green illusion and ensure the smooth operation. As a result, doctors and nurses in operating rooms in hospitals now wear green coats instead of white ones.

Why is a hospital gown open at the back?

It’s a good idea to wear your hospital gown inside out when you have an operation. It needs to be replaced. The clothes are worn inside out, making it easy for nurses and carers to change and follow up.The trousers are tied up and loose. General into the operating room of the operation can not wear any of their own clothes, but to wear the hospital gown, where the clothes are worn inside out.

Can I wear my own pajamas in the hospital?

If you ask, many hospitals have pajama bottoms available, but often don’t yet offer them freely. Often you are also welcome to wear your own pajamas or sweats. As hospitals become more aware of patient comfort, they are providing more dignified clothing, quieter rooms, fewer interruptions of sleep, etc.

Why do you have to wear a hospital pajama in hospital?

“A function of good management, hygiene, and wearing a hospital gown is to relieve patients’ stress psychologically.”

The hospital gown is a kind of symbol. The patient wears the hospital gown after entering the hospital, which not only can inform the patient, but also can keep the clothes on the body clean and tidy. The following questions should be paid attention to about the medical gown :(1) after the patient enters the room, he/she should take off his/her coat and put on the medical gown, telling him/her that he/she is an inpatient.(2) change the hospital gown in time and keep it clean.(3) to wear a hospital gown when leaving the ward for various examinations, so as to be marked.(4) put on your hospital clothes before entering the operating room and keep your clothes in your own bed cabinet.(5) when discharged from the hospital, take off the hospital gown and send it to the reception.




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