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Should I wash my pajamas every day? Here’s something you need to know about pajamas!


Human skin cuticle is constantly updated and shed every day. Take human forearms as an example, every square centimeter of epidermis will shed 1,300 cuticle cells every hour, forming dust. The cells and microbes that fall off the skin get stuck on clothes that come into direct contact with the skin. So don’t assume that your pajamas won’t get dirty after just a few hours, no matter how long it takes, they’ll always be full of germs.

The most common thing is dermatitis or itching. You will find that if you wear a nightgown for two or three days and don’t wash it, you will feel itchy when you put on the nightgown after bathing. Obviously, no mosquito bites you, but it is itching, which is actually caused by your nightgown. It’s even more serious for girls, because it comes into direct contact with our skin, so a lot of bacteria have a chance to invade our body, so girls really need to wash their pajamas frequently, really wear them for too long and then throw them in for a new one.

Had better prepare 2 or 3 pajama in the life, change when washing can change to wear, summer weather is too muggy, because often sweat, pajama should 1-2 days wash, can keep a kind of clean and relaxed environment to the skin so, when sleeping also can be more comfortable. If it’s the fall and winter season, pajamas can be washed 3-4 days, but for the sake of their own health, girls often wash pajamas or beneficial.

I believe that girls will give themselves to prepare one or two pajamas, as the beauty of you, what style of pajamas want a, because good pajamas can really make us more relaxed

A glance can fall in love with the pajamas, delicate condole belt adds V collar jacket, small dew sweet shoulder, the small sex appeal that reveals inadvertently, let a person love admirably. Imitation silk fabric, light and breathable, after the upper body will feel very silky soft.Style design is also very attractive, the use of the technology is patchwork, more charming.

A unique style of pajamas, into the grid elements, vest only in the collar and cuffs of the design grid elements, emitting a lazy and free atmosphere. Loose and comfortable tailoring gives you a comfortable experience no matter how much you sleep. There are three styles to choose from, each of which gives you an elegant look.

Delicate lotus leaf lace collar decorates your beautiful neck, the upper body shows temperament very much. It is made of high-quality silk fabric, which is smooth and smooth, and feels good to the touch. After wearing it, you will feel as if you did not wear it, which makes you more relaxed when you sleep. Loose version, can cover the waist of the meat, more thin.It can also be worn at home, making it sexy.

When you put on your pajamas, it always makes you feel comfortable at that time, because you can finally feel relaxed after a busy day, so a good pair of pajamas is really important. Loose and comfortable version design, invisible pocket practical and fashionable. The five-minute sleeve design, combined with the lovely cartoon design, exudes a languid and free atmosphere.

Silk fabric, comfortable soft feel, let you sleep more relaxed; The delicate embroidery and lace hook flower are combined ingeniously, creating a beautiful and romantic princess style for the overall shape, releasing a unique sexy temperament; Sweet bowknot makes ornament, full girl heart.

Pajamas are made of elastic fabric, which has better softness and elasticity than ordinary fabric. It is not easy to fold and deform when sleeping, so that you can sleep more easily. Follow classic stripe design, loose version design, in the waist and shoulder of the design hit the benefits, round collar more reveal temperament.

Loose version design, let you sleep more relaxed, no matter how big the movement can be accepted. The design of short sleeve dress, have the breath of a kind of han fan, after upper body very show temperament. The use of high-quality cotton fabrics, with good air permeability and skin-friendly, summer wear very time.

A suspenders pajamas, shoulder strap can be adjusted at will, so when wearing very convenient. Sexy V is led design, comfortable soft, small dew sweet shoulder, tie-in printing design, sending out a kind of light small pure and fresh breath. Pure cotton fabric, good air permeability, very suitable for summer wear.

Wearing boyfriend’s white shirt always feel very happy, because big very safe. The recommended white shirt and pajama are made of cotton, comfortable and breathable, with a loose-fitting version and an irregularly lacy hem that makes women feel sexy and voluptuous. The lapel shows off your beautiful collarbone.

Pure cotton fabric, feel comfortable and soft, loose before short after long version, wear thin and comfortable. The decoration that added puppy dog before the chest, let solid color jacket does not appear drab, have distinguishing feature more instead. Pants use a small roll design, fashion and trend.

Should the girls wash their pajamas after the show? How do you usually wash your pajamas? Feel free to leave a message.




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