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Getting pajamas off the streets is no longer just a corrupt portrait of grannies. Hipsters at the cutting edge of fashion have a variety of ways to dress them up.


It’s not just pajamas that have become a fashion item. Many celebrity fashionistas are wearing them out on the streets. Let’s see how they do it!

From Louis Vuitton to Marc Jacobs and Marni and so on, a series of famous brands are moving pajamas on the catwalk this season, don’t forget to use metallic fabrics, lace and pretty printing elements do gimmick, make the illicit close sex is dye-in-the-wood sheet is tasted has become a popular trend, the most favored now wear pajamas out street street life portraiture, Boyle’s corruption is no longer at the forefront of a fashionable tide people have all kinds of ways will it wear stylish both.


Get a person tie-in advocate pajama money adds corset money to be able to match the grace that gives follow along with sex, still have small woman lovely, wear so build want to be more relaxed than whole body all cover tightly come. The important thing is that in order to distinguish the pajama styles of damas, exquisite handbags and various texture jewelry become especially important. Be “model person” still “just wake up” also decide by the hairstyle of that day, do oneself with hair band bright and clean and relaxed guarantee won’t be wrong. The effect that this body looks with pantsuit and short skirt also outweighs long skirt, want after all handsome feeling or elegant move still is you decide by oneself of course.

But don’t put on “pajama style” when pajamas how to wear out of the street is appropriate?


Waking up every day and deciding what to wear in the morning is always an endless battle. You want to be as comfortable as possible with your day, but how do you choose to look like your boss, as stuffy as possible.


Fortunately, this year popular pajama wind, fashionable pajama wind is tie-in on fittings, wear rise languid is lazy fashionable feeling is full. Wear your favorite long sleeves, jeans, silk blouses, or a long, loose-fitting gown to make the fall season comfortable.


We’re going to take the love-hate pajama trend as our theme, and show you the right way to look for it: don’t be sloppy.



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