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Pajamas have long been a symbol of the Western way of life. Speaking of the origin of this word, you might be surprised to learn that something so “foreign” is a real foreign word.

The original “paejama” comes from Hindi and is a combination of the Persian words “pai” and “jamah”. “Pai” is Farsi for leg and “Jamah” for dress. Pajamas are a kind of leg dress, pajamas, pajamas.It was supposed to be a baggy pair of trousers worn outside the Middle East and India, but European gave it a new role – pajama pants.

Related names: Pajamas, Sleepwear, loungewear, nightwear etc.

Selection method: hand visual method, burning method

Use: Good for sleeping

Categories: halter, split pose, jointed robe, pants, night gowns etc.

Classification by material: fleece pajamas, cotton pajamas, satin pajamas, silk pyjamas, chemical fiber pajamas and so on.

Material: pure cotton, pure silk, coral velvet, Modal, Rayon, Polyester etc.

Brief introduction for Pajama

Pajamas have long been considered a household item and are relaxing to wear, but if someone is walking down the street in them, they will be seen as a person who doesn’t know how to dress properly.But these days to see a few news, let me know the role of pajamas.


A South Korean underwear company also has a “pajama Day” once a month. All employees arrive at the company and change into their pajamas to get to work, which is said to inspire creativity.


Many freelancers work from home, so there is also a pajama culture.


Although comfortable in pajamas, it can be seen as undignified and impolite in the workplace. If you can dress for business casual, you can wear pajamas.It may be better to differentiate your business pajamas from those at home. Pajamas are like your own privacy, and you need your own space.Once people wear pajamas at home, they will not feel away from work and relax.On this basis, later by designers to improve the different styles, such as wearable fashion pajamas and so on, not limited to the home.


The developmental stages of pajama

At the beginning of the 20th century, pajamas were as artificial as other kinds of clothes. No matter it was women’s pajamas, lovers’ pajamas, boudoir dressing gown or tea gown, they were all decorated with delicate and complicated draping and layering, but they ignored practicality. It was a time when pyjamas, made of plush and luxurious custom, belonged to the upper classes.


The advent of The First World war reduced the looseness of the robe and brought simpler, more masculine styles. After the war, European and American tourism boomed, so much so that clothing stores began to make sleeping bags, bedspreads, pillows and sheets to match women’s pyjamas, giving rise to the bedroom range. At the same time because travel the need of life, pajama style is more and more light.


Nightlife died out with the start of World War II in the late 1930s, so there was little demand for high-end women’s pyjamas. What’s needed is ready-made clothes that are easy to wear, such as an all-weather woolen flannel nightdress that doubles as an evening dress. Light chiffon pajamas that are easy to launder and carry; A light sleeping garment made of dyed cotton cloth with an adjustable waistline.


After World War II ended in 1945, the economy was recovering, dancing was booming and pretty, feminine pyjamas were back in fashion.


By the 1950s, like other women’s underwear, pyjamas had become mainstream. With the innovation of industrial technology, nylon fabric has been widely used, bringing innovation to the clothing industry. A variety of underwear, pajamas, styles and styles with various materials have emerged, ranging from dignified and noble to short and sexy, as well as an unprecedented number of emerging underwear brands.


In the 1960s, with the rapid development of the commodity economy, women’s underwear and nightgowns were widely sold as ready-to-wear garments at reasonable prices and of high quality. Nightgowns and underwear entered every woman’s wardrobe. At the same time, they are often worn out for display, women in dazzling gowns and evening gowns to the theatre, dinner; Pajama products appear on beaches, tennis courts or in markets.


After the 1970s, pure nylon sleepwear became obsolete as cotton and nylon blends, such as polyester, became more popular. High-grade pajama is appeared with silk, cotton, wool and mix cotton form heavily, colour form also turns by the gentle colour in the past the intense colour of 80 time end, costly savour also will consume to lead to high price.


The 1990s were a period of more modern values and functions, and this new passion was a complement to the increasingly global family life. Technology and downsizing have allowed women to build their own businesses, working from home in addition to raising children. The pajama market has expanded to include what people wear when they go home, rather than necessarily what they wear to bed, in which case the concept of home wear has been added to the pajama collection. In addition to fashion, people care a lot about what they wear at home, and home wear has long gone beyond basic needs just for wear. Women may have mountains of clothes to sleep in, but they also want the latest fashions and colors. Not only do they want to feel comfortable, but they also want to look sexy and beautiful.

Pajama selection method

Hand feel method:

1.By visual inspection, the luster of silk is soft, light and soft, with a sense of drape. And the chemical fiber fabric luster is not soft, bright dazzling.

2.Silk fibers are fine and long, cotton fibers are short, and wool is curly. Good chemical fiber uniformity.

3.Handle method: silk feel soft, close to the skin smooth and comfortable. Place can have fold, reason has “not corrugatory not pure silk” statement.

Burning method:

1.Silk burns feathers when burning, difficult to continue burning, will be self-extinguishing. The ashes are fragile, crisp, fluffy, and black.

2.The rayon (viscose) burns with a chemical smell of burning paper.It burns very fast. There is no ash except for those without light, with a small amount of grey and black ash.

3.Cotton fiber, polyester burning when very weak sweet, do not burn directly or slowly, hard round ashes, into a bead.

4.Both cotton and hemp had the smell of burning paper, and the ashes were soft and black gray.

5.Wool burns like silk. The difference can be seen by eye.

Pure silk

Water washing

Real silk clothing belongs to protein delicate health fiber weaving, washing should not be in rough articles rubbing and washing with washing machine, should immerse clothes in cold water for 5-10 minutes, with special real silk detergent synthesis low foam washing powder or neutral soap lightly knead lightly rub, colored real silk clothing in clear water repeatedly rinse.


Hang out dry

After washing, it is not suitable to be exposed to the sun, and it is also not suitable to be heated by a dryer. Generally, it should be put in a cool and ventilated place to dry. Because the ultraviolet ray in the sun is easy to make silk fabric yellow, fade, aging. So after silk pyjamas is washed, it is not appropriate to wring out water, should be gently shaken out, facing the outside of the air, air to 70% dry ironing or shake out.



The anti-wrinkle performance of pure silk pajamas is slightly worse than that of chemical fiber, so there is “not wrinkling is not true silk”. After washing clothes such as wrinkles, need to iron just crisp, elegant, beautiful. When ironing, air the clothes to 70% dry and spray water evenly, wait for 3-5 minutes and then ironing, ironing temperature should be controlled below 150°C.Iron should not be pressed directly against the silk surface to avoid aurora.



Preserve pure silk dress, want catharsis first clean, after ironing dry collect again. To inconvenient unpacking and washing autumn and winter clothing, jacket face, Cheongsam to use dry cleaning method to wash clean, ironed so far, in order to prevent mildew, a moth. After ironing, it can also play the role of sterilization. At the same time, the storage of clothing boxes, cabinets to keep clean, as far as possible sealed, to prevent dust pollution.

Common sense, basic pajama knowledge

As the material of pajama is updated day by day, the birth of new type fiber infuses new vigor for pajama.Pink baby pajama in each season on the choice of materials, grasp the trend of fashion, design a product that makes you fondle admiringly.But good pajama must have careful maintenance in order to continue its wearing life.


First-The highest water temperature for hand washing is 40℃

Do not put it in the drum dryer

Do not iron

Do not dry cleaning

Do not use chlorine bleach (household bleach)

In order


Second-Washing method

1.The ideal method is to wash with warm water and neutral emulsion, gently by hand.

2.Wash by hand in cold water or lukewarm or cold water slightly lower than body temperature (below 40℃). Do not use hot water.

3.Can use general neutral detergent or lingerie special neutral detergent.

4.Use the right amount of detergent, too much detergent will burden the texture, thereby damaging the pajamas.

5.The detergent should be completely dissolved in 30℃-40℃ warm water before putting down the clothes.

6.Detergent should not be applied directly to pajamas to avoid uneven color.

7.Never use bleach. Chlorine bleach can damage materials and turn pajamas yellow.

Three, drying method

1.Wash by hand.

2.Dry in a cool place, the sun will easily make clothes deteriorate, turn yellow, shorten its life.

Benefits of pajama

Ordinary pajamas

Good for sleep. Pajama texture soft, comfortable, both conducive to sleep, and conducive to sleep.


Can prevent a variety of diseases. When the person is sleeping, pore is opened, suffer wind chill easily, for example cold cold is concerned with catching cold after sleeping; The common periarthritis of shoulder in middle and old age is also related to shoulder chill during sleep. Coronary heart disease after cold stimulation easy to occur angina pectoris and other symptoms. And wearing pajamas can effectively ward off the post-sleep chill.


Hygiene. People in the work, life, study of the communication, is bound to carry germs. Sleeping in pajamas can solve the cross-infection problem. Sickly old people in bed for a long time, hard to avoid the President of mattress rash, such as no treatment, will further develop into bedsores. Bedsore pruritus is difficult to resist, after the scratch is not easy to heal, will cause skin soft tissue fester and necrosis, make a lot of old people suffering.


Silk pajamas

Generally speaking, pressure sores come out. With the help of the family, the elderly can take frequent turn over, frequent massage, frequent scrubbing, frequent arrangement, frequent replacement and other measures to avoid long-term pressure on local organizations. In addition, the elderly often wear silk pajamas, can also prevent bedsores to a certain extent, and prevent the bed from getting dirty.


Traditional Chinese medicine view thinks: silk sex is flat, flavour is acrid, avirulent. Made of pure silk pajamas not only texture smooth, soft and comfortable, but also is easy to dry, moisture absorption, heat dissipation good performance characteristics, can improve the body skin cell vitality, promote cells metabolism, have a delicate massage effect to the skin, thus reducing the chance of microorganisms growing on the skin, have special health care function to human body. Bedridden old person wears silk pyjamas for a long time, to alleviate the skin pruritus that appears because of “mattress rash” to have obvious inhibitory effect, it is any other kind of cloth material cannot compare.


It is worth noting that the current market pajamas are mostly made of chemical fiber materials, the elderly wear, originally dry skin is more likely to feel itching, but will aggravate mattress rash, bedsore pruritus. So, when buying silk pajama, must choose genuine article.

Pajama buying guide

Not only is it fashionable to wear pajamas at home, but it’s also smart for your health. Shopping for women’s pyjamas is a more complicated business than buying clothes, which are comfortable and healthy to wear.


Pay attention to pajama fabric, pay attention to health.

The ideal pajama fabric should be knitted pajama. Why? Because knitted pajamas are light and light, they feel soft and comfortable. In addition, the best raw materials should be cotton fabrics, or at least cotton-based synthetic fibers.

In fact, cotton clothing is ideal for health reasons because it is highly hygroscopic, absorbs sweat from the skin, and is breathable.


Pay attention to pajama color, improve Morpheus quality.

Dark pajamas are not good for your health, while light or plain ones can be soothing. Bright color is easier to stimulate the visual sense of people, people can not relax the spirit, the spirit of nervous people is difficult to enter the sleep state.


Pyjamas should be bigger than smaller.

Clothes to sleep in are of course different from clothes to wear out, sleep is the only time of day to relax, so don’t have any other unnecessary thoughts, sleep comfortably, wear pajamas looser, so that your body has enough space to stretch in your clothes.


Silk pajama although young slippery comfortable, beautiful and sexy, but can’t absorb sweat, as fun pajama is a good choice.


Pajamas are also a kind of clothing. Although they are not as varied in style as clothes in general, they can be generally divided into the following categories.

The first is the halter dress. This kind of pajamas is suitable for summer. They are full of fashion sense and show the sexy charm of women. The second kind is split type suit, this kind of pajamas is designed mainly from two aspects of convenience and comfort, compared with a skirt suit, the suit does not have too much burden, the action is also very convenient.


Choose the right pajamas

There are two popular pyjamas, pure silk and cotton

1. Silk pajamas are smooth and soft. They have a subtle massaging effect on the skin. They absorb and help remove sweat and secretions from the skin and keep the skin clean. The threonine and serate contained in silk can improve blood circulation, enhance the vitality of epidermal cells, prevent skin aging, and effectively protect human skin from UV damage.

2. Pure-cotton pajamas are highly hygroscopic and can absorb sweat from the skin. Besides, they are soft and breathable.

Pajamas Color selection

In color respect, most consumer people can choose to compare quietly elegant, light color, such tonal suit a family to wear already the effect that has an eye to make peace god, and bright, brightening pajama can affect people mood flabby, affect rest thereby.

Accordingly, the color of the pajama is advisable with choice all sorts of pink, wait like pink, pink green, pink yellow and cream-colored.


Style of Pajamas

Go up in the style in the choice of pajama, carry the backpiece of pajama, and before, due to sufficient breadth, the design should choose open. Because tight bundle the place such as bosom, abdomen, and back when sleeping, can make a horrible nightmare.


In addition, pajamas should be easy to wear, easy to take off, and easy to wash, with diversified fabrics. A variety of soft texture, breathable, crisp and smooth, easy to absorb sweat, elegant and gorgeous color fabrics, such as brocade, printing fuchun spinning, silk cover cotton fabric made of pyjamas by the young people all the time.

Matters needing attention

Pajamas with elastic straps around the waist.

This kind of pyjamas is very easy to the waist out of a red mark, affect the blood circulation of the body, make the legs bloated, even numb. When pajama of choose and buy, can choose waist to tie belt type, especially waist abdomen compares fat person, want to assure pants waist looser. When you sleep, tie your belt loosely so that your waist can rotate freely.

Red or yellow pajamas.

Bright-colored red, orange and yellow can make a person produce a nervous, excited feeling, unfavorable fall asleep. In addition, some dark pyjamas may be dyed with more chemicals, which are not only bad for the skin but may even cause cancer. The proposal chooses quietly elegant, the color that can relax body and mind, wait like pink, green, cream-colored.

One-piece pajamas.

They can interfere with the movement of turning over when you sleep, such as pressing the corners of your clothes under you or placing them all over your chest. Not only can they affect your breathing and bone health, but they can also give you the chance to catch a cold. The best choice of split style pajamas, comfortable to wear, convenient to move.

Hooded pajamas.

When you sleep, a hat under your body will “hold up” the neck, causing pain, stiff neck, and another discomfort, affect the quality of sleep. In addition, neck compression can also lead to poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, making sleep shallow. The collar should be loose enough and try to wear a flat round or “U” collar.

Coarse knit pajamas.

These are thick and have hard edges at the seams, which can irritate the skin and lead to lighter sleep. It’s best to opt for cotton or silk pajamas that feel smooth, soft, and comfortable with tight stitches.

Tight fitted pajamas.

Skin-tight pyjamas are fashionable, sexy, and popular with young women. But they cling to the body, making them difficult for the skin to sweat and regulate body temperature. They can also affect blood circulation and give you nightmares. Therefore, choose pajamas that are easy to wear and loose enough to slip on and off.

A little thick pajama.

Some pajama is thick, hairy, look very warm, but the frictional force that can increase and bed, quilt, adverse the free turn of the body, hinder muscle to relax and adjust sleeping posture, let a person sleep more tired, because this suits to do home to take to use only. Pajamas don’t have to be thick. They’re light, thin, and soft.

Chemical fiber pajamas.

Chemical fiber, wool fabric is easy to cause static electricity, direct contact with the skin will stimulate the skin, leading to a decline in immunity and neurological disorders. At the same time, they also do not absorb sweat, is not conducive to sleep temperature regulation. It is best to choose pure cotton pajamas, which are soft, breathable, and hygroscopic and can well absorb the sweat on the skin. Cotton fabric is less irritating to the skin and will not cause allergies and itching.

Pajama selection of maintenance care

Summer should choose light, thin, soft, breathable good fabrics, and drape good its have the function such as absorbing heat and absorbing sweat, spring and autumn asks to keep warm performance is good, relaxed, comfortable give priority to. Fabric pattern to be elegant, regular small floral, or lattice pattern. Winter can choose slightly more dense colors and patterns. Pajamas should be washed and dried frequently, while silk should be dried in the sun. You sweat a lot in summer, so change your pajamas frequently.


1, when cleaning silk pajamas, be sure to turn the clothes around, dark silk pajamas should be washed separately with light color ones;

2, the summer sweat wet silk pajamas should be immediately washed or soaked in water, do not use more than 30 degrees of hot water washing;

3, please use special silk washing products, avoid alkaline detergent, soap, washing powder or another detergent, silk dress, must not use disinfectant, more can not be put into the washing products after soaking; When cathartic, rinse with clear water a few times, when cathartic, knead gently with the hand, after washing, cannot twist wring silk underwear forcibly, lest clothes crease. To keep the silk pajamas bright and soft, add a few drops of white vinegar to the final rinse.

4, maintenance, silk pajamas should be in 80% dry ironing, and should not directly spray water, and ironing clothing, temperature control between 100-180 degrees.will

5, the yellow silk clothes soak in clean rice water, change the water every day, three days after the yellow can be faded. If there are yellow sweat stains, you can wash the wax gourd juice;

6, pour into the proper amount of shampoo in clear water (usage amount is equal to pure silk scour), put into pure silk clothings light after rub, because the hair also contains a lot of protein and pure silk fabrics is also.

7, when there are more than two colors on the clothes, it is better to do a color fading test, because the color fastness of silk clothes is relatively low, the easiest way is to use a light color towel after soaking on the clothes by a few seconds and gently wipe, if the towel is dyed silk underwear, can not be washed, only dry; Next, wash silk chiffon, satin dress, should dry clean.



Pajama classification

In terms of style, there are basically three types of pajamas: suspenders, split poses, and jumpsuits.


Halter dress

Suspenders are most commonly used in summer.Because of the summer heat, sweat often wets people’s underwear.So, want to solve the problem of sweat already, want to consider beautiful again, then, condole took type pajama to come on stage appeared.

The quality of a material of condole belt type pajama basically has pure silk, silk, cotton and hemp blend and pure cotton a few kinds.Made of these materials

The pajama that becomes, suck sweat already not close-fitting again, that kind of elegant feeling, make a person really be inspired by.


Split suit

The biggest advantage of split style pajamas is that they are comfortable to wear and easy to move around. Most women at home would like to choose this style of pajamas.

Split style pajamas are mainly reflected in the changes of the upper collar. Small suit collar jacket is the most common kind of collar, loose design, two large pocket fully reflects the practical value.

Another beauty of suit lapel design is to expose the woman’s neck so that the woman at home can decorate the neck new. Remove the disadvantages of wearing a jumper while cleaning.

In addition to the small west lapel style, the lapel shirt style is also the most common. Lapel pajamas, increased the flexibility of the neck decoration, located in the neck buttons can be tied, but also can be unbuttoned, to see at will, actually unique.

In particular, in order to cooperate with the Year of the Dragon, some brands draw the patterns of dragon and Phoenix in the front of the jacket, incorporating the charm of national culture into their costumes.


Jumpsuit robe/onesie pajama

In the pajama family, one of the earliest and most commonly referred to as pajama is probably the one-piece robe. The appearance of the one-piece dressing gown not only makes people’s clothes from now on, but also implies that people’s living standard is indeed improved.


Style trend of pajama

The soft wash water blue in the autumn/winter color trend forecast of 20/21 constitutes the primary color of this trend.


The revival of collage first appeared on the streets of Tokyo earlier this year, where some girls decorated their collage with lace cardigans and socks as the best source of inspiration for pajamas and home wear.Patchwork patterns can be found in hand-quilted patterns, while the silhouette is a vintage folk blouse.

Faded ink blue appears on vintage white cotton in an asymmetrical checkerboard style collage pattern.

A local collage of monochrome fabrics adds detail and stars to create a folk flavor.

The folded ring collage challenges the traditional square collage pattern and adds comfort to winter clothing.

Use cream lace knitted fabrics to match the light blue collage underneath.

People use the subtle changes in color to create a delicate and simple collage effect.



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