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Garment knowledge

Pajamas have become a necessity in people’s lives.When you get home from a hard day, relax in a soft, comfy pajamas.At the same time, she also shows her family that she is a gentle and affectionate woman.Cotton underwear is probably the most common — and the most accepted — underwear in recent years.Because pure cotton has good sweat absorption, air permeability, feel is also soft, so has been considered the most healthy underwear material.

Pure cotton pajamas wash.
1. Pure cotton pajamas should be thoroughly washed before wearing them.
2, pure cotton fabric alkali resistance is not acid resistance, washing with ordinary washing powder, soap can be, can be washed by hand or machine.
3, linen-cotton pajamas, had better not use washing machine (senior except that intelligent), cotton and linen texture soft, if get hard with washing machine, it is easy to deformation, wrinkle, serious will wash clothes, if there is no time and energy, also can put the clothes in the laundry bag (are sold in the supermarket, 10 yuan, can use repeatedly),Then wash it on the gentle end of the washing machine.
4. When washing black cotton cloth or linen, add some strong coffee or tea to the last rinse water, which can make some faded clothes black as before.But only the black cloth of cotton and linen.

cotton pj pants fine sewing
Pure cotton pajamas drying:
5. Before drying, washing machine can be used for dehydration.
6. When drying, try to flatten the clothes and turn them upside down.
7. Pure cotton pajamas are easy to wrinkle. When they are dried in the sun, take them off and fold them and flatten them.
8, some cotton dyes are particularly sensitive to sunlight, transition exposure is easy to fade, especially blue, purple, pink and other need to be particularly careful, might as well turn over to dry.
Maintenance of pure cotton pajamas:
9, the folding place in the steam iron temperature ironing.When printing and dyeing cotton goods are ironed, they should be ironed on the opposite side to keep bright color for a long time.
10, dyed clothes after washing, often fade phenomenon, if the clothes after washing, and then in the clean water with two cups of beer, the faded parts can be color.
11. Cotton pajamas are easy to absorb moisture. When stored, they should be placed in the wardrobe to avoid moisture and acid gas erosion.
12. Light-colored cotton clothes will gradually turn yellow after washing for a long time. Disinfectant can be added in water, boiled for 20-30 minutes, and then washed with water to restore the original appearance.
Sunlight can make cotton produce oxidation phenomenon.And make the white cotton fabric yellow embrittlement
14, acid will corrode cotton goods, similar to juice and other acidic substances contaminated with cotton fabric, it is best to immediately with water treatment, so as not to stay too long and difficult to remove stains.
15, cotton white pajamas wash more yellow how to do, Tide is not very good, secret: boil water in a large pot, add washing powder, immerse the clothes, cook for about 30 minutes, ensure white and clean.



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