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Professional silk nightwear wholesale, silk sleepwear vendors

Professional silk nightwear wholesale, silk sleepwear vendors

Leading silk nightwear wholesaler and silk sleepwear vendor

Cnpajama factory as a professional silk pajama manufacturers and suppliers for silk nightwear wholesale, silk sleepwear vendors, silk loungewear, silk nighty etc.  We provide the OEM, ODM, ready-made silk sleepwear/pajamas for the world market silk garment companies, silk pajama wholesalers, online silk pyjamas seller, pyjama/lingerie stores.

Our factory in the China best-known silk city Huzhou, there have the complete silk industry chain silkworm breeding, spinning, silk fabric knitting/weaving, silk products manufacturing, selling and transportation. The most professional city for silk sleepwear, pajama, loungewear and scarfs etc. Many famous silk pajamas manufacturers, silk sleepwear vendors, silk pajama vendors and suppliers here supplying various silk pyjamas for international market.

We are a reliable friendly manufacturer and supplier who can offer good quality and competitive prices silk pyjamas, silk sleepwear, silk nightwear, silk loungewear for wholesale and customized orders.

In a short period of time, we expand our production capacity in order to meet the increasing foreign market’s demand for the custom silk nightwear order and silk sleepwear wholesale.

As the professional silk sleepwear vendors and manufacturer, we have strong technical power, advanced research and development capabilities and rapid responses to inquiries, with more than 7 technicians who have 9 years of experience in the silk industry. Some of them whole family and generations all in silk industry. A wide range of styles is always available. We sell our silk nightwear and sleepwear products at very competitive price. We also accept OEM order or make a new production for your own designs printed with your logo.

We mainly export our silk pajama products to Europe, America, Japan, South America, South Africa, East South Asia, Korea and Taiwan around the world.

If you are interested in any of our silk nightwear wholesale products, or would like to discuss the silk products custom made order, please feel free to contact us.

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Our advantages of our factory for silk sleepwear pajama wholesales

Factory direct supply-Real manufacturers direct sales, primary source of goods, low price, good service, welcome to visit the factory.

OEM, customized silk nightwear production-Long – term for the major brand manufacturers OEM production, we manage the whole silk products quality assurance process, from the fabric, printing and dyeing, workmanship, process, quality inspection, packaging, after-sales and other aspects of high quality requirements and services.

Professional silk technical supports-As the professional silk nightwear factory with extensive experiences in silk pajama, nightwear, loungewear, sleepwear and silk raw materials, we can give you expert supports for your silk products buying and sourcing one stop service.

Ready-made stock silk fabric-Our warehouse with silk fabric qualities available 16, 19, 22, 25, 30, 40, dozens of colors of fabric spot for you to choose, so that you make samples more quickly and convenient. We also support small quantity customized dye colors.

Support small quantity orders-Support small amount customization! Flexible quantity! Support to sampling, and make sample as per your design and artworks!

Personalized customization for pure silk styles-Support gifts customers personalized design, embroidered characters, screen printing LOGO, packaging customization, gift box packaging and other personalized order requirements.

Specialized service-Our factory professional do all kinds of silk products: silk home textiles, silk scarves, silk pajamas, silk clothing(fashion, pajamas, sleepwear, nightwear, nighty, loungewear, home wear), etc., as long as it is silk find us is right, because we are professional, so you rest assured!
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The silk nightwear/sleepwear/pajama fabric quality advantages

Silk has antibacterial, skin care, skin care, health care/beneficial to skin health, prevent skin aging reduce wrinkles and other effects, long-term wearing of silk clothing can keep the skin moist. Tender and white. Smooth!


Hygroscopicity and permeability

In moist environment, dry silk can absorb moisture and human body excreted sweat and metabolism, take away the heat of the human body, keep the skin clean, avoid bacteria in the human skin breeding. In the dry environment, silk has the characteristic of natural fiber and can make the skin feel more comfortable than the chemical fiber fabric, can effectively avoid the skin allergy and other uncomfortable conditions caused by the chemical fiber fabric.


Not static electricity, natural UV protection

Silk pajamas are not static electricity, and can prevent ultraviolet rays, protect the skin from injury. Silk porous fiber interstitial structure and natural fiber and other superior characteristics are general chemical fiber fabrics do not have.

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Silk pajama, sleepwear, nightwear fabric main classification

Many customers can’t tell the difference of pure silk fabric, the following is your detailed answer.

Silk crepe DE chine

The surface has fine and even wrinkles, texture soft, smooth, bright color, relative to other stretch silk feel a little rough, because the composition is 100% mulberry silk and inelastic, wearing comfortable, cool, permeability is very good, generally divided into 01 crepe DE chine, 02 crepe DE chine. The higher the value, the higher the density.

Silk stretch satin

It is characterized by strong luster, smooth, soft and pendulous, elastic and dense structure. The satin is smoother to the touch than the back. The general ingredient is 95% mulberry silk +5% spandex. Shrinkage rate is relatively small, unique style. Usually there are 16 and 19 m meters.

Silk crepe DE chine &Silk stretch satin

Silk double georgette

The general contents is 95% mulberry silk +5% spandex. Silk double georgette and silk crepe DE chine are the same, regardless of the front and the back, because the two sides of the gloss and color difference is not big, and silk double Joe compared with the crepe DE chine, silk double Joe luster to a strong and obvious, and elastic. But not nearly as shiny as silk stretch satin.

Silk twill charmeuse

Silk twill charmeuse fabric with twill structure, the composition is 100% mulberry silk, the cloth surface has obvious diagonal lines, the fabric is low-key and shiny, not easy to wrinkle, slightly crisp, soft feel and other characteristics. The thickness of pure silk twill silk is 12m, 16m, 19m, 16m twill silk feel more solid.

Silk double georgette&Silk twill charmeuse

In addition to the ordinary silk fabric holding points, but also has less shrinkage, crisp, easy to arrange and other holding points.

The quality of silk fabric is really better from the ordinary fabric, especially the silk fabric is very easy to scratch is not comparable to other fabrics.

Pure silk fabric fine thick, feel soft lubrication, and hang strong, elegant quality.

Silk crinkle chiffon fabric

Advantages: Use plain fabric structure with changes, especially to adapt to the high twist yarn, woven formed under the condition of pre-finish warp/weft add twist, fabric after dyeing and finishing shrinkage distortion, cloth crepe are obvious, products rich in natural expansion, interlacing point have strong, not easy to loose, hold the point of crack, the cloth with perforated points, such as yarn hemp style, products in addition to the soft, smooth, breathable, easy to wash, the advantages of more comfortable and better drapability. Fabric can be dyed and printing, embroidery, bronzing, etc. Garments upper body, all show the elegant temperament, is the love fashionable women make suits, shirts, skirts and other ideal fashion fabrics.

Soft, smooth, breathable and easy to wash.

silk satin/charmeuse

Have very natural burnish on the vision, feel is soft and smooth on tactile feeling, delicate, drape sex is good, won’t have the feeling of wool ladder.

In various varieties of silk fabrics, wear performance is better, not only the advantages of double satin fabrics are more anti-wrinkle, but also the smooth and soft fabric.

Hand feel smooth, delicate, good drape.

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How to identify silk fabrics?

There are two ways to identify the silk natural fiber fabric.


  1. Combustion method

Pure silk burns, have the ambiguity of singed hair, the black grain after burning can be twisted into powder with finger, chemical fiber burns plastic taste, black grain is hard after burning.


  1. Dissolves with 84 liqiud disinfectant

Soak silk fabric with 84 disinfectant, mix slowly, become yellow, after a few minutes, silk fabric dissolves completely disappear.

The washing and maintenance care instruction for pure silk pajama and sleepwear.

1.It is recommended to wash by hand. When washing, put a small amount of detergent in the water below 30 degrees Celsius and soak for no more than 5 minutes. Gently scrub with the hand rinse, do not wring out, hang dry in shade.

2.The dark silk clothes should be washed separately. A few drops of wax in the water can make the silk clothes soft and brightly.

3. when silk pajamas are not worn, the best keeping is use a hanger hang it and keep ventilation.

4. The temperature of ironing silk clothes should be controlled between 130 ℃ and 140 ℃. Ironing is not suitable for direct contact with the silk pajamas, need to add a layer of wet fabric in the above, prevent high temperature damage the silk.


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Frequently Asked Questions about the silk nightwear wholesale and silk sleepwear vender

1.How are your wholesale silk nightwear and sleepwear materials?

We use high quality silk fabric, strictly selected silk qualities suitable for each style very comfortable and easy to stretch.

2.What is the minimum order quantity for silk nighties?

Each style of the ready-made silk pajamas and sleepwear have no minimum order, but for custom and OEM 10pcs each order is requested .

3.About order less than 10pcs silk pyjamas?

If the order quantity less than 10pcs, you are asked to pay for the sample and delivery charges.

4.Do you have preferential policies?

For the order more than $10,000, over 500pieces per style/color/size for bulk wholesale quantity, we have one merchandiser close follow with you the whole process.

5.Is OEM order and Private Label accepted?

Yes! We welcome OEM order and can put private label. The minimum quantity and price both depend on the styles you order.

6.Which payment and remittance methods can you use?

We accept the T/C, L/C, D/P, paypal, Moneygram, bank and western union payment.

7.Which express transportation do you use?

we will ship by International packages/KCS/ EMS/DHL/UPS/TNT, or we will be shipping by the sea for big quantity.

  1. How long does shipping take?

In general, KCS/UPS takes 3-4 days, TNT/DHL takes 4-5 days, EMS takes 5-7 days.

For more question for the silk nightwear wholesale and silk sleepwear bulk supplying, please click here contact with us directly! 
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Custom silk pyjamas points from silk pajamas manufacturers

As the professional silk sleepwear vendors and wholesale silk sleepwear direct suppliers, we provide full support for custom silk pyjamas production, silk pajama wholesale orders. We know how to get the high-quality silk fabrics, the correct process to prepare the silk fabrics for silk pyjamas sewing, we know the best suitable silk fabric qualities for different silk pyajams/sleepwear/nightwear styles, we know the correct workmanship and design technical details for your own designs silk products. If you want to buy bulk quantity silk pyjamas wholesale in your market, and want to get perfect silk pajama/sleepwear/nightwears, we are the best manufacturer for you. Click here to contact the silk pajamas manufacturers! + 

Best silk sleepwear vendor and silk nightwear vendors

If you want to find the best wholesale silk sleepwear vendor, silk nightwear vendor, wholesale silk pyjama suppliers, we also meet your requirements.

We have ready-made various silk pajamas/sleepwear/robes/nightwear in our warehouse for in-stock wholesale supplying.

Our in-stock supply wholesale silk pyjamas no minimum order quantity, you can buy any quantity you like, you can mix the sizes/colors/styles in one order ship them together.
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