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Free sleepwear vendor list is important for the people want to sourcing or buying sleepwear, pajamas wholesale, or the clothing companies want to sourcing sleepwear manufacturers for their own brand pajamas/sleepwear manufacturing.

Sleepwear and loungewear are clothing items we can’t do without. This implies that lots of businesses would be making huge profits from selling these clothing items, coupled with selling wholesales nightwear, and even selling wholesale outerwear. All these people need free sleepwear vendor list to find out suitable suppliers.

sleepwear vendors list

Who are sleepwear vendors included in the list?

  1. The sleepwear wholesale vendors from your country or city, they design the pajamas and ask the garment factory produced for them with the quantity sea shipping containers, Cnpajama always produced pajamas/sleepwears for international pajama companies.
  2. Most of the sleepwear manufacturer factories also as the sleepwear vendors, they have their own manufacturing facility produced for them own brands, control their quality stable, most of them have good prices.
  3. Sleepwear wholesalers, sleepwear wholesalers are a group of people who buy in bulk from sleepwear manufacturers and then sell to retailers. As a business owner, one of the things you might consider is starting a wholesale business. However, before starting one, you need to be equipped with the right insights and resources to help you operate a successful wholesale business. These things, we shall take you through in this piece.
pajama vendors list

Top websites of wholesale sleepwear and loungewear vendor list

  • Cnpajama is a big pajama manufacture factory and supplier of wholesale sleepwear and wholesale loungewear that is based in China.

This free sleepwear vendor list will provide you worldwide top sleepwear vendor list and pajama companies.

This comprehensive guide on will provide you with plentiful resources on the best trendy sleepwear wholesaler located in different countries, including the UK, the US, China, India, and Africa.

Also provided is information on the type of products that you can buy clothes in bulk at surprisingly low rates. Finally, I have answered the most frequently asked questions concerning this topic, giving you some best suggestions on finding the right sleepwear vendors for your type of business.

Sounds great, right? Read on without further hesitation!

pajama suppliers list

If you want to wholesale clothing in bulk or retail you surely must check out Cnpajama.

Cnpajama is an established leading sleepwear wholesale supplier own their own pajama factory based in China and has their own pajama customers in more than over 200 countries.

It’s the directly factory supplier and manufacturers, and distributors on a global platform and offers products at cheap prices.

Cnpajama bring a world of online opportunity direct to you, tailored to meet the exact needs of your customers and key markets.

The various features which make Cnpajama most preferable over other wholesale companies are given below:

Contact Cnpajama for a catalog of wholesale pajamas! +

  • Large Extension of Products has 5000+ items and  it goes all the way from Pajama, loungewear, home wear, nightwears, pyjamas, pj sets, robes, nightgowns, , Accessories, and many more. Also, new and trendy arrivals added every day.

  • Cheap Price

Each and every product provided by Cnpajama is at wholesale rates for you to earn maximum profit. This supplier covers low to high end products at very affordable wholesale rates.

  • Quality Assurance

Unlike other wholesalers Cnpajama is just a directly manufacturer, other third-party platform for hundreds of thousands of manufacturers and suppliers, that may have poor quality problems. Cnpajama produced high quality and inspection for each and every product in the whole bulk. Cnpajamas team passes each item through 3 to 4 inspection tests before dispatching the products for shipment.

  • Huge Inventory

You can always rely on Cnpajama to be honest with you regarding available stock. Stock is almost always available and if it isn’t you will be able to see it in real time because all of the inventory data is available to you.

  • Extra Discounts and Earn Coupons for Every Buying

Besides, every purchase in the site, you receiver CB points as rewords, and you can use as cash next buy. If you register as a member (, you can get much more discounts as well as get more CB points. Extremely low price and CB rewords points can maximize cut you cost and make exciting more profits.

  • Fast Delivery

If you want your order to be delivered within minimum time period, you can count on Cnpajama. It’s warehouses are located in different countries and states, thus making the order delivery easy and on time. It only takes less than 2 days that goods deliver to your customers’ doorsteps.

What’s more, Cnpajama provides extra valuable services.

Cnpajama is a top rated dropshipper in the world. They are best choice for online sellers. This wholesaler offers SEO-optimized product descriptions that you can download and import to your online stores like Amazon, Ebay or any other online shopping store. That will save much time for you to write products descriptions and help your stores rank better.

If you want to start your business, this is the best place as it does not require high capital and will fetch your maximum profits.

They are a California contemporary brand specializing in luxury essentials and the pursuit of a comfy, casual lifestyle. 

They are known for their incredibly soft fabrics, gorgeous prints, meticulous attention to detail and effortless, modern silhouettes, assorted over a beautiful collection of contemporary sleepwear, loungewear and sportswear collections.  We love lounging and value downtime as one of the greatest luxuries in life!

Cnpajama produced the pajamas for them.

Sleepy Jones exists to help people rest and unplug – in order to reconnect – with ideas, creativity and with others. We believe that the comfort of being yourself is true style. So be yourself, be comfortable, and the rest will come. 

For wholesale sleepwear made of quality cotton, satins etc. at affordable prices, offers just what you need. They sell pyjama lounge pants, pj boxers, pj tank top, nightshirts and lots more. At, they accept all kinds of order, either big or small. They sell products of high quality from top brands at off-price and below discount prices.

This top wholesale website has in stock beautiful wholesale nightwear and wholesale loungewear that are simply lovable. Their product are of guaranteed quality, they have nightwear and loungewear from top brands with chic designs.

pyjama vendors list

Find the good sleepwear suppliers from sleepwear vendors list is very important?

Sleepwear venders list is very important when running a sleepwear business, making sure you know when to restock which specific styles and designs is important especially because this industry is influenced by trends easily. This is one of the reasons why finding good sleepwear suppliers or sleepwear vendor list is important for you as a business owner. Not only will they be able to provide you with items of good quality material, size variations, and even better arrangements and deals in terms of pricing and delivery, but they also make sure you have stock and inventory choices that are in line with current pop culture, making the items more desirable and marketable.

Customers not only look for great comfort in their sleepwear, but they also look for good style. So it’s crucial for a sleepwear business owner to take into consideration the fabric and material that their sleepwear supplier uses, but they must also take into consideration the different patterns, characters, colors, and styling variations that they can provide. A good sleepwear business is one that can adapt and move along with the tide of customer demands and market demands.


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