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Fabric knowledge

How to tell the difference between a wool coat and a real one?

(1) Sensory identification.Rely on their own intuitive, according to the feel of the fabric and suede to identify.

Wool fibers are generally 30-50 mm in length.The wool fiber is much, the composition proportion of rabbit is high, the product is high-grade.

Woolen sweaters and acrylic sweaters (commonly known as fake sweaters) can be difficult to distinguish because of the unique wool-like quality of the acrylic fibers.But as long as the careful observation, the distinction compares, also has the difference.Intuitively, wool products are soft, elastic, heavy, and soft in color.

(2) Combustion method.Wool products, when burning, while bubbling smoke while burning, and accompanied by the smell of singed hair, ashes, shiny black will be brittle block.Acrylic products, when burning, melting while slowly burning, the flame is white, bright and powerful, slightly black smoke, and a fishy smell, gray white spherical, brittle and fragile.Nylon products, while melting while slowly burning, burning slightly white smoke, small flame was blue, and celery aroma, gray for light brown hard, not easy to twist broken.



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