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The velvet pajamas are sexy to the bone, a second to wear the elegance of a French woman


Autumn is getting thicker and the weather is getting cooler.


Thin and breathable short-sleeved pajamas are not suitable for this season.Sleep is easy to catch a cold, accidentally kicked off the quilt, cool wind swish into the clothes, the whole person is not good.


This season, pajamas, to be comfortable more to keep warm.


Velvet has always been the representative of high sense, with luxurious and noble texture and lazy sexy.At first, it was exclusively for European royalty. In Titanic, Jack and Rose snuggled up against the wind on the ship, which was classic and sexy.


However, Rose was wearing a skirt made of velvet without overlapping skirts. Her simple shape presented a different kind of elegance and nobility, and her silky texture attracted a large number of men.


Today I’d like to introduce you to LVUX HOME, a comfortable pajama suit made of golden fleece with delicate texture.


With its own sense of heat, it can avoid catching cold at night and help improve the quality of sleep.


Comfortable household two suits, after putting on, light soft be like cloud, sending out Oriental female grace and easy.Bedroom, living room, party, downstairs walk, follow one’s inclinations.

This autumn and winter, again blew up a wave to wear velvet pajamas.The so-called fresh clothes angry horse, the flame flourishing, the woman’s unmatched youth, in the velvet unlined upper garment foil, probably is the living color fresh fragrance of the beautiful interpretation.

Golden velvet to the bone.


Once you put it on, you don’t want to take it off.


Golden fleece fabric is preferred. The friction and stimulation coefficient of velvet to human body is second only to silk, fine suede texture, feel as smooth as baby skin.


More real than hugging.

Eight times warmer than wool.

Soft rich, delicate, warm property is 8 times than wool, so that the temperature rapidly rising lock the body temperature. Resist the cold, keep warm, not bloated, put on sleep, not stuffy.

The little mind of stereo clipping.


Home wear is also very delicate.

Version by the foreign designer, according to the Asian body shape, according to the curve of the human body, three-dimensional loose cut, considerate and safe care of every inch of the skin.


Color collision design, fashion collision. Rich color contrast design, the color is bright not drab, with current popular photograph fuses, lively in reveal individual character.


Small lapel collar design. Round corner small lapel collar, highlights the elegant charm. Elegant style, highlight the unique lasting appeal.


Wear a French languid lazy casual.

When the weather is cold, soft velvet feel warm wrapped body;


After a hard day’s work, take a shower and put it on so that you can unload a whole body of fatigue and be yourself easily.


Insomnia, give you soft care sweet sleep.


A set of “grace, sex appeal, delicate, romance” in an organic velvet household clothes, from inside and outside of the show female soft beauty, at home also want to wear a senior sense of fashion.

Men and women two, two color optional. Romantic wine is red, demure gray attune, it is wonderful to buy a set for oneself and lover each.



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