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Robe Collar Types

There are 3 classic collar design for the pajama robe and bathrobe, they are shawl collar, kimono collar and hat/hoodie collar.


A shawl collar is a collar combined with a lapel main used for pajama robe, cardigan sweater etc.


The kimono collar is a traditional Japanese garment’s collar and the national dress of Japan.


The hat collar also named hoodie collar, widely used for the sleeping gown robe manufacture.

Suit Collar Types

The shawl collar not only used in pajama robes also used in suit jacket, there are 3 suit jacket lapel collars.


A notch lapel is defined by “notch”, where the bottom of the collar and the top of the lapel connect at angle.


A peak lapel collar is defined by edges pointing upwards to your shoulders, it’s a widely used collar.


A shawl lapel has a continuous curve whithout breaks or points such as the notch or peak lapels.

The different color's collar also named for people's occupations.

White collar

Refers to the management, design, medical personnel and teachers who are mainly engaged in mental work.


Blue collar

Refers to industrial workers, farm workers, service workers, etc., they are mostly engaged in manual labor, often wear blue work clothes, so called “blue collar workers.


Pink-collar workers

Refers to the clerical staff engaged in typing, sorting out archives or daily reception work in government offices, enterprises and scientific research departments.


Gold collar worker

Refers to a new breed of technical personnel with specialized skills in the information age, including IT professionals, engineers, lawyers, and planners.

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  1. Anil Shahid

    This was the warmest robe we tried. It’s comfy indoors and out It’s incredibly comfortable to wear
    while lounging and sitting at a desk, and even though it’s made of polyester, it didn’t make us sweat in testing,
    as can sometimes happen with synthetic fabrics . I really like it
    Keep doing!!




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