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Fabric knowledge

Blankets are divided into two main types, one is bedding, the other is the carpet laid on the ground.Its raw materials are mostly made of animal fiber (such as wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel’s hair, yak hair) or chemical fiber such as acrylic fiber, viscose fiber, and some are made of animal fiber and chemical fiber blended.So what is the good material for a blanket?What kind of wool is best for a blanket?

1. Polyester (Dacron, Terylene) :

Polyester is an important kind of synthetic fiber, and it is the commodity name of polyester fiber.Polyester fabric has high strength and resilience.Therefore, its firm durable, wrinkle resistance and non – ironing.Polyester fabric has poor moisture absorption, wearing a feeling of heat, at the same time easy to take static electricity, dirt, affecting the aesthetics and comfort.However, after washing, it is extremely easy to dry, and the wet strength almost does not decrease, does not deform, and has a good washable performance.Polyester blanket also has good heat resistance, light resistance and so on.

2. Acrylic (ACRYLIC) :

Acrylic fiber has excellent performance, because its nature is close to wool, it is called “synthetic wool”.Although acrylonitrile fibers are commonly called polyacrylonitrile fibers, acrylonitrile only accounts for 90%-94%. This is due to the lack of flexibility and fragility of fibers made from a single acrylonitrile polymer, which is also very difficult to dye.In order to overcome these defects of polyacrylonitrile, the second monomer was added to make the fiber smooth.The third monomer was added to improve the dyeing ability.

3. Nylon, polyamide Fibre:

Polyamide fibre “nylon”, a chemical name for polyamide fibre.It has better strength and wear resistance, ranking the first among all the fibers. The hygroscopicity of polyamide fiber fabric is a better variety in synthetic fiber fabric. Polyamide fiber has poor ventilation and air permeability, and it is easy to generate static electricity.

4. Spandex:

Spandex is a polyurethane elastic fiber. It is mainly used to weave elastic fabrics. Spandex is usually spun with other fibers into core-spun yarns for weaving.It can be used to make all kinds of underwear, swimsuit, tights, jeans, sportswear, elastic parts of belt, etc.Clothes made of spandex are comfortable to wear, can adapt to the needs of deformation of various parts of the body, and can reduce the sense of restraint of clothing to the body.

5. Vinylon:

Vinylon is the trade name of polyvinyl acetal fiber, also known as Vinylon.Its performance is close to that of cotton, known as “synthetic cotton”, and it is the most hygroscopic variety in the existing synthetic fiber.Vinylon was made in Germany in the 1930s, but it does not contain heat-resistant water and is mainly used for surgical stitches.

6. Animal fiber:

Animal fiber mainly includes wool, mohair, rabbit hair, cashmere, camel hair, yak hair, etc. Among the numerous blanket materials, animal fiber blanket is the most popular and the best kind of blanket, because the price of animal fiber blanket is very expensive in the market.



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